Change A Life!

This little blog is not being written in typical fashion. Many of you are aware that I took up running some time back and have been staying the course quite faithfully. I truly enjoy making my way through the quaint town of Sosua during the morning hours as it offers many wonderful experiences.

One day a few months ago, I was going past a young Haitian girl who sells bananas as a street vendor. As we looked at each other, I asked her for a banana and told her that I had no money with me. She gave me the fruit as I continued on my way. Later, I went to look for her with cash in hand.

We have had several similar encounters since that day. The little girl is thirteen-years-old and has a beautiful and captivating smile every time I see her. Her name is Aline, and she sells fruit with her mother so they can make a couple of dollars per day in order to eat.

Recently, I found out that Aline had not started school because she did not have money for clothes and supplies. I have since met her mother, and Vickie and I were able to provide funds to get this child back into school before she became too accustomed to street life in Sosua. The truth is, Vickie and I have begun watching to see how many children are running the streets or trying to make a buck while others are in school. The number is quite astonishing, particularly among the Haitian population.

As a result, we have begun a limited campaign to help these vulnerable kids get off the streets and receive some level of education. If we do nothing, it is very likely many of them will turn to prostitution, drugs, and a very degraded sort of lifestyle.

Now . . . this is where you can get involved. We were able to purchase a uniform, shoes, backpack, and supplies for about $50.00. This is NOT a monthly commitment, nor is it a monthly sponsorship program. This is a one-time donation to help kids learn to read, write, and learn for the current school year.

For only $50.00, you can fund a child for an entire academic year! We will make sure that materials are purchased and that the kids get enrolled. By the way, not one penny will be used for any other purpose. We are not asking you to support us or Gospel Team Outreach with this opportunity. This is all about helping the kids get into school and off the streets of Sosua.

If you cannot afford $50.00 all at one time, please send what you can. If you can give more, of course, that would be wonderful as well. Please make checks payable to GTO and mail to “Gospel Team Outreach, PO Box 25355, Fayetteville, NC 28314” and indicate “KIDS” on the memo line. You may also donate online at:

Thank you so much for your kind act of love and compassion!

Grace and peace,