OceanSide Christian Fellowship’s Ministry Training School consistently holds weekly classes that will help believers to grow no matter their current level of spiritual maturity.

The cost for the entire level (approximately sixteen weeks) is $20 which includes the workbook. What a great price! All are invited to register.

The majority of Christians have gaps in their biblical knowledge base. What we glean from Sunday to Sunday doesn’t always lead us from point A – Z. Our New Life in Christ will help “connect the dots” as it is a comprehensive, excellent tool designed for discipleship and Christian growth purposes.

Pastor Goodman has composed Our New Life in Christ line upon line, precept upon precept, taking the reader through a methodical, yet dynamic journey of practical Christian living, supported by Scripture every step of the way. This workbook is great for anyone who wants to be catapulted to the next level of maturity no matter how long he or she has been a Christian.

Course Content:

  • Practical steps on how to live our lives the way Christ would want us to
  • A variety of baptisms in the Bible and what they mean to us today
  • Studying the Bible and how to use the Strong’s Concordance 
  • Knowing what Jesus did for us in the past and what He is doing for us now
  • The importance of using the name of Jesus and our authority as believers
  • The power of Jesus’ blood
  • How to pray, journal, and fast in order to mature as an individual and follow Christ’s mandates
  • Communing with God by developing relationship with Him
  • Ways that God speaks to us and how to hear what He has to say
  • Entering into God’s presence

Our New Life in Christ contains a self-test with each lesson and an answer key section by which the reader may gauge his or her own progress.

If you’re interested in attending MTS, please contact us!